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Our First Blog Entry

As a first blog entry we would like to introduce ourselves and report about us.

Freelance Archery : your online store for bowstrings

Freelance Archery offers a large selection of high quality string material and a wide range of colors and designs.

We also offers a fast and reliable customer service, always ready to help with any questions or problems with the product.

But who is Freelance-Archery actually?

We are Sven and Nadine from the capital of RLP (Rheinland Pfalz), Mainz.

About 4 years ago we came to archery.

On a whim, we bought a Ragim Black Bear with 25 pounds and just fired it on a canvas bag with old clothes and have been passionate about it ever since.

After the Ragim, other bows followed, including:

A primitive bow made of yew

Malchite recurve and hybrid bow

take downs from Spiderbow and Antur

and two compound bows from Bear Archery

Of course, our son, who has been shooting since he was 2 1/2 years old, is not missing with his Rolan Snake Bow (YES! he shoots since he is so old, gladly proof videos are sent :-D)

What came next?

After the first contagion came of course parcour visits on beautiful 3D parcours in the vicinity - Bad Kreuznach, Sauerthal, Collenberg, Kummersklinge, Bieberburg etc to which there are also some Videos from us.

After a few years of experience Nadine had the idea to make her own string for the Malachite Recurve.

From this experiment developed together with Sven a passion for material science and the processing of different materials and colors and designs (Colorsplash, Twisted Colors etc).

After the successful outfitting of our friends and acquaintances encouraged, we decided in October 2021 to found "Freelance Archery" and manufacture since then, in addition to our 40 hours jobs, for you tendons with the highest quality and expertise.

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