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How to know your Bowstring Lenght


In February 1968, the Archery Manufacturers Organization (AMO) introduced voluntary industry-wide standards.

The goal was to eliminate confusion, promote interchangeability of accessories, and give dealers and archers confidence in the equipment they purchase.

The AMO bow length standard is three inches longer than the string length that spans the bow at the proper side or brace height.

That is a string labeled AMO 66" (bow length) has an actual length under tension of 63".

Below you can download the AMO standard in English and German version. In the German version translation errors are not excluded


As with everything, this standard has exceptions, as this is only a voluntary standard and not mandatory.

The fact that some bows do not conform to the AMO standard is not a disadvantage for anyone.

String length

The easiest way for us as string manufacturers is to simply measure the original string, so everyone is safe .

Otherwise just choose the Bow length if you order

In many cases: If it does not fit, it is part of our service that a suitable string is made on goodwill.

What if there is no string to the bow or eg other limbs on a middle part were screwed / plugged (Take Down or ILF)?

Then you put a flexible measuring tape or a sturdy thread from one string notch to the other on the side where you grip the bow, the side you look at when you hold the bow correctly.

Measure the thread with a tape and then you have at least a good indication of the length of the String.

! It is also important for Horse bows to specify the correct ear size.

This can be communicated to us by e-mail/Whats App or in the comments field when ordering

Download PDF • 394KB

amostandard de
Download PDF • 608KB

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